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Not the Best

I'm sick. This started happening last week Friday, so I'm congested and coughing but not horrible.

Monday I came down to the truck after work to find that it had been broken into and someone tried to steal it, failed, but made it undriveable in the process:

This was discovered in the rain at about 5:30 pm. I walked back up to the hospital with my dead cell phone and told Richelle to call her dad to get her while I called the cops and waited. The truck was left with the ignition (at least the accessory power) stuck on, so I was able to charge the phone a bit. I waited. In the rain.

Richelle came back for me and wouldn't leave my side. Made the police report, got GEICO to come and tow the truck, and she drove me home.

GEICO promptly couldn't figure out where the truck got towed, found it, got it to Honda Windward, and they can't figure out why it won't start and parts aren't coming until next week. So I now have a rental for $14 a day (although $70 was tacked on to an 11 day rental in taxes) via Hotwire.com (that's the good news; the bad news is it's Alamo, and the worse news is it's a freaking Impala). The estimate in terms of time is not until next Friday (and that's the day after Thanksgiving; anyone want to bet that the truck is not ready?) and in terms of dollars over $1300. My deductible is $500, but the rental car is not covered, so it's another $225 so far.

All that said, with many horrible things happening at work to young people--I can't really say much more than that--I have to be thankful. And really, while I would like whomever did what they did to my truck to be caught and to have negative consequences, I feel sorry for them more than anything else.

My life is not great right now, but it could be a helluva lot worse. Trust me.


This week's coughing filled Friday 5:

1. How’s your health?

Well, in general, I have diabetes and am overweight. I'm overeating. I'm not getting as much exercise in as I like, my ITB is killing me when I run, and I'm sick. But things are not horrible.

2. How was your day?

Busy, and not at all restful, but I accomplished a bit.

3. How’s the weather?

Way better than expected.

4. How do you expect to get anywhere in life with an attitude like that?

The same way I have the last 41 years.

5. How many people made you smile today?

Maybe three.

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